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New Honda Cars for Sale In Brookhaven

At Mike Whatley Honda, we’ve been busy stocking your favorite Honda cars in Brookhaven, preparing them for McComb and Hammond drivers who are ready to upgrade. When you rely on Mike Whatley Honda as your Brookhaven Honda dealer, your options and trim upgrades are seemingly infinite. From sedans and hatchbacks to SUVs, trucks, and crossovers – electric to gas-powered, and everything in between, these are the new Honda cars for sale in Brookhaven you must check out immediately. 

New Honda Cars: Sedans and Hatchbacks

Civic Type R

Don’t be fooled by this small Honda. This tiny Civic has a top speed of over 145 mph out of all new Honda sedans and hatchbacks. This is thanks to a lightweight body propelled by a worthy performance package; this is the best for performance out of new Honda cars in Brookhaven. 

Civic Si Sedan

This four-door sedan was built for everything – from the track to the turnpike, you’re sure to turn heads in the Civic Si. Built for speed but also sprinkled with trademark Honda style, these Honda cars for sale in Brookhaven are also incredibly efficient. 

Civic Hatchback

For maximum efficiency, the Civic Hatchback makes for a great commuter in Prentiss. Long road trips are also in the cards with this model, as there’s a decent amount of cargo space for such a compact vehicle. 

Civic Sedan

This is your standard Civic – the one we all came to know and love with the Honda brand over the years and decades. The look has changed over the years, but the efficiency and reliability are still as strong as ever. If you’re looking for a tough sedan that can trek well past 200,000 miles, you can’t go wrong with this new Honda for sale in Brookhaven. 

Honda Accord

The Honda Accord – out of all new Honda sedans and hatchbacks, the Accord has surprisingly risen to become the cream of the crop. Once considered second to the Civic, the Accord was taken on an identity of luxury, space, and comfort – with plenty of technology, especially in the upgraded trims. 

New Honda Cars: SUVs, Trucks, and Crossovers

Honda Pilot

The Honda Pilot has quickly risen in popularity as one of the go-to Honda models on the market. This versatile mid-size comfortably seats 8 with more cargo space than you probably need. This Honda SUV makes a great family vehicle as it’s also extremely efficient in the fuel economy category. 

Honda HR-V

This is one-half of the two Honda compact crossover offerings – the Honda HR-V. Slightly less powerful than the CR-V, the HR-V offers a more economical approach to small SUVs. If you have a small family and crave fuel efficiency, the HR-V is for you. 

Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is a more luxurious compact crossover with top-tier cargo space and more passenger room. A more powerful engine and performance package also gives you a slight edge if you’re considering entering the four-wheel-drive territory. 

Honda Ridgeline

The Honda Ridgeline is the brand’s take on a pickup truck. The compact bed gives this truck a unique look, and the 4-door cab makes up for the lost cargo space in the rear. If you want towing capacity, the Ridgeline is right up your alley, with plenty of torque to help you pull your way to the finish line. 

Misc. New Honda Cars for Sale In Brookhaven

For the economical and environmentally friendly, let’s not forget the two Honda hybrid options on the market: The Honda CR-V Hybrid and the Accord Hybrid. You’ll save plenty of costs on fuel with either of these options, putting Honda on the map for the future of automobile construction. 

Check Out Our New Honda Cars In Brookhaven at Mike Whatley Honda

At Mike Whatley Honda, we have most of these models out for enjoyment on our showroom floor. Stop by and take any of them for a test drive to decide which new Honda car is for sale in Brookhaven for you!

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