How to Jump Start a Car

Jump Start a Car

Sooner or later, everyone in McComb ends up with a dead battery. Accidents happen. Luckily, almost anyone can jump start a car battery with no problem. Read below for step-by-step instructions on how to jump start a car, what to do if your car won’t jump start, and car battery service information from the service center at Mike Whatley Honda.

How to Jump Start a Car: Step-by-Step

If you can’t start your vehicle and the lights won’t turn on, this means your battery has died, and you aren’t able to activate the electronic system that ignites the engine. So, you need to jump start a car battery! All Hammond drivers need to jump start a car battery is a pair of jumper cables and another working vehicle. Here’s how to do it:

    • Make the vehicles face each other and turn them off. Pull the parking brake for good measure.
    • Find the batteries in each vehicle. This sounds simple, but some vehicles have plastic coverings you’ll have to remove.
    • Attach the positive (+) terminal of the working vehicle to the same in the other with the red cable. Then do the same with negative ends (-) and the black cable. The final clamp should go onto an unpainted metal surface on your vehicle.
    • Start the engine of the working vehicle, then start the engine of your vehicle. You should now have a working battery! Car won’t jump start? Try again, as sometimes it takes a few minutes for the battery to receive the new power.
    • Keep your vehicle running for 10 miles or more after the jump, so your battery has time to recharge.

If you’re experiencing problems with your battery and don’t know why, schedule battery service with us, and we’ll have a look.

Car Won’t Jump Start?: More Battery and Engine Facts

If you are having problems even when following the how to jump start a car steps outlined above, there could me more going on than just a dead car battery. Some engine troubles or other battery issues are best taken to a Collins service center. Here are some things to know if your car won’t jump start:

  • A clicking sound could indicate a problem with your starter.
  • If the lights and electronics turn on, but your car won’t start, you could have an issue with your ignition switch, battery, starter, or a fuse. Once again, take your vehicle to a service center to resolve this issue.

Get Car Battery Service at Mike Whatley Honda!

At Mike Whatley Honda, we’re happy to help Brookhaven drivers keep their vehicles in good shape and fix virtually any problem that could occur. We use Honda OEM parts including batteries, so your vehicle retains its performance and value. Contact us today if you’re experiencing car battery or engine issues — we’ll sort them out.

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