How to Build and Order a Honda Car, Truck, or SUV

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During the chip shortage, it will be difficult to find much inventory on the lots of McComb dealerships. What inventory exists may not be what you’re really looking for, and will likely be priced up, at that. To help you find the vehicle you actually want at its original price, learn how to build your own Honda and how to order a car from the factory with Mike Whatley Honda. Then, reach out to our sales associates in Brookhaven, who can walk you through the steps of how to order a car and build a Honda in greater detail.



How Do I Use the Honda Build and Price Configurator

Whether you’re wondering about how to order a Honda car from the factory or how to build your custom Honda, it begins with the Honda Build and Price configurator. The first step of how to build your own Honda and how to order a car from the factory is to pull up the Honda Build and Price configuration tool. The next step of how to build your own Honda is to:

  • Select the model you’re interested in.
  • Then, select a trim.
  • Next up, you’ll choose between FWD and AWD.
  • Once you’ve selected a drivetrain, you’ll select your exterior paint color, interior upholstery and trim colors, and wheel sizes and styles.
  • After you’ve styled your Honda, it’s time to add on feature packages. These packages bundle similarly themed optional features, like luxurious cabin appointments or types of technology features for driver convenience.
  • Then, it’s time to add on interior, exterior, and electronic accessories—these are all utility features like floor mats, roof rails, mud guards, and more!
  • Once you’ve added on all of your accessories, you’ll be given an estimate of the total cost and can even estimate monthly payments. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click request a quote. Once you’ve gotten your quote, send it to Mike Whatley Honda. We’ll officially place the order and submit your specifications to the manufacturer, and then have your custom creation sent straight to your lot.
  • If you’re wondering how to build your Honda or order your Honda car from the factory, and you’d like a sales associate to walk you through the process, don’t hesitate to reach out.

How Long Does it Take to Order a Car?

If you’re getting ready to build a Honda with the Honda Build and Price tool, you may be wondering about how long it takes to order a car and have it shipped to our lot near Hammond. Pre-pandemic, it would have taken two months to build a car from a fresh order. In the midst of the chip shortage, it will take 6 to 8 months. While this isn’t ideal, you can expect similar times across the board. Placing a custom order, however, is key to getting the vehicle that you want, rather than settling for the rare new vehicle that’s available on dealership lots. The good news is that, once you place your custom order, our sales associates will keep you posted with every update, and you won’t make any monthly payments until you’re new Honda has arrived at our dealership in Brookhaven!

Have Questions About How to Order a Car from the Factory?

You’ve read our overview of how to use the Honda Build and Price configurator to build your own Honda, and how to order a car near Collins through Mike Whatley Honda. If you have any questions about the steps, or would like to initiate the process to build a Honda, give our sales associates a call at (601) 990-5166. In the meantime, check out our car buying tips and Honda research guides for more helpful reads.


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